Driver FAQs

What does NTS pay their drivers?


NTS values our drivers and the experience they bring.  Pay varies per job, and drivers are informed about pay and assigned duties when the job is offered.

Are part-time jobs available?


Absolutely! NTS offers temporary, temp-to-hire, part-time and full-time positions. You decide what kind of position(s) you want, and NTS will work with you to find the job(s) you would like.

Will I need to pay a fee of any kind to go through NTS for job?


NTS is free to all job candidates. There are no fees of any kind.

When do I get paid?


NTS pays employees weekly.

Can I do direct deposit?

Yes, all you have to do if fill out a direct deposit request form and attach a voided check as a reference.

Do you hire for local driving jobs?


Yes, just about 90 percent of all NTS clients are looking for local drivers.

Do I need to keep track of my time?


Yes, all employees should keep track of the hours they are working.

When can I start?


Once your background check is complete, and the results of your pre-employment DOT drug screen are returned, then we’ll be able to place you to work.

What do I need to bring with me to NTS when I apply?


When you come to NTS to fill out an application, you should have the dates of employment for the last 10 years of work history, your driver’s license, DOT physical and at least one other form of identification.

When I get placed with a company, is it full time?


Not always.  Some of our clients need a driver just for a day or a week.  Other clients need a full-time driver, and are wanting to hire a driver through NTS.  Your work ethic, your attendance, and attention to safety play a big part in whether you get hired by a client.  NTS does not guarantee full-time employment with a company.

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