Client FAQs

Our company needs a third-shift weekend driver.  Can we call NTS?


Yes, we are available 24-hours-a-day to provide drivers at any time.

Our company drivers are issued  fuel cards, cell phones or other equipment.  Can we issue NTS drivers the same?


Yes, but NTS IS NOT responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen item.  It is a good idea to get a signed receipt for any item issued to a driver.

We liked the last driver NTS sent out.  Can we be assigned the same driver?


Our staff will make every possible effort to send the same driver who has been requested. However, sometimes your requested driver will not be available for dispatch.  If we cannot send the requested driver, we will notify your company and send you a replacement driver with qualifications to fit your needs.

Will my company have to drug test NTS drivers?


No, all NTS drivers are enrolled in a DOT-certified drug-and-alcohol awareness program.  All drivers have had a pre-employment drug screen, as well as being enrolled in a NIDA-certified drug pool.

Can I give NTS drivers cash advances or road money?


NTS provides the driver with personal spending money.  You will be responsible for monies to maintain the vehicle, fuel and taxes.

Does my company pay NTS-leased drivers’ government required obligations?


No, NTS pays all employee- and employer-related taxes and workers compensation insurance.

Once I choose a driver, who will give the driver his/her job duties?


You, the customer, will have sole control and supervision of the NTS driver once he/she has been assigned to your company.

Our company really likes the NTS driver.  Can we hire the driver?


After the prescribed number of days for hire (according to the service agreement) are complete, NTS will release the driver to your company payroll, if the driver chooses to do so.

If there was an accident, does the driver call our company or NTS?


Our drivers are operating your equipment with your authorization and are under your direction and control.  The driver will immediately notify you of any accidents or incidents, and you, as the owner (or leasee) of the vehicle, are responsible for reporting accidents to the authorities.  All NTS drivers are required to participate in a post-accident drug screen.

Does your liability insurance cover such accidents?


NTS carries workers’ compensation insurance on drivers only.  You are responsible for providing the necessary insurance on your vehicle and cargo.  For more information concerning insurance, request a NTS Service Agreement.

Our drivers have to have special endorsements.  Will that be a problem?


No.  We customize each job order to ensure that our client companies receive drivers with the proper endorsements to complete their job assignment.

How do we pay for these services?


NTS invoices weekly.  The amount of the invoice is based on the information provided on the driver time sheets.  Our pay period is Monday-Sunday.  We provide driver time sheets to be filled out, signed and faxed to NTS every Monday.

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